1 Day Workshop


Vinyl + Turntables (Technics 1200s) or Serato Software + Controller



Vinyl + Turntables (Technics 1200s) or Serato Software + Controller

Experience the excitement of our immersive workshop as we delve into the foundations of DJing. Whether you choose to explore Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Controller or the timeless combination of Technic 1200 turntables and mixer with vinyl, this workshop is perfect for beginners and those with some experience.

DJ Bles-sed will guide you through the essential skills of DJing, including beatmatching, mixing, blending, and creating seamless transitions. Get hands-on with the equipment and software, gaining practical experience that will elevate your DJing abilities.

Explore mixing different music genres and styles, allowing your creativity to flourish and finding your own unique expression. Connect and engage with like-minded participants in our supportive community, sharing insights and forging valuable connections.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the confidence and skills to curate and mix your own DJ sets, whether you’re DJing for fun or pursuing professional aspirations.

Join us for this exciting workshop and let the art of DJing ignite your passion and unlock your potential as a skilled DJ.