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Vision & core values

At Respect The Technique, our vision is to revive and preserve the art of DJing while fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for music. We believe in the uniqueness of every individual and their ability to contribute something special to the world.

Driven by a profound love for music and DJing, we empower individuals by providing a platform for self-expression and creating unforgettable moments that uplift and inspire. We foster a strong sense of community, where inclusivity is embraced, and everyone is warmly welcomed, respected, and encouraged to be their authentic selves.

We value approachability and prioritize meaningful connections. In a world dominated by pre-recorded online DJ courses, we aim to bring back the interactive human connection, personalized attention, and the joy of learning how to DJ. We offer resources, guidance, and support to help aspiring DJs embark on their journey and foster personal growth.

We honor the legends who have shaped DJing and contribute to its evolution through our own creative expressions. Upholding professionalism and integrity is fundamental to the success and longevity of our craft. At Respect The Technique, we are dedicated to honoring the art, the legends, and embracing the love of music and DJing. 

Together, we envision a global movement where the love of music brings communities together, creating opportunities for women to excel as skilled DJs and represent RESPECT THE TECHNIQUE at events and opportunities around the world.

At Respect The Technique, we cherish and uphold these core values that define our community:


We believe in empowering women through the art of DJing, providing a platform for them to express themselves and share their unique musical talents with the world.


We embrace diversity and create an inclusive environment where everyone is warmly welcomed, respected, and encouraged to be her authentic self.


We foster a supportive community where like-minded women come together to inspire, uplift, and mentor each other, creating lasting bonds and camaraderie.


Our shared passion for music drives us to continuously explore and preserve the art of DJing, cultivating a lifelong love for the craft.


We are approachable, accessible, and committed to making the learning process simple, enjoyable, and less intimidating for aspiring female DJs.

Personal Growth

We are dedicated to assisting each individual's personal growth and helping them achieve their goals in the DJing world, supporting their journey towards success.


We celebrate and encourage the uniqueness of each woman, empowering them to shine with their distinct style and contributions to the DJing community.

Global Movement

We envision a global movement where the love of music unites communities, transcending boundaries and providing women with opportunities to showcase their skills worldwide.

hrough these values, we aspire to make a positive and genuine impact on the lives of women passionate about music, creating a legacy of excellence and unity in the world of DJing.


Bles-sed aka Rizalyn is a pioneer and my personal mentor when it comes to DJing. Her decades of DJ experience, dedication to the craft, and impact she's made on local and global scales are just few reasons why she's the best DJ around. Her contagious and positive vibe, willingness to teach, desire to share her passion, and take a chance on you is what sets DJ Bles-sed apart from the rest. I'm a music enthusiast and the idea of DJing has always lingered my adult life. Chances came but I never took the plunge. It wasn't until I met DJ Bles-sed when I finally took action. As soon as she discovered my slight interest in DJing she sprung into action before I could even think twice about it like I have in the past. At any opportunity, she showed me the ropes (vinyl and controller), offered advice, invited me to shows, and basically shared her a glimpse of her DJ life with me. Just meeting her and experiencing her aura was enough inspiration to finally get into DJing. So, in May 2021 I purchased my own controller. Within the first couple of private lessons with Ble-sed I went from not knowing what a beat is to beat-matching and already planning out my first mixtape which I later released just two months later. I'm now practicing my DJ skills daily and have been sharing my work within online platforms and regular mixtapes. My goal is to start blessing crowds and events this year. While DJ Bles-sed is unsurprisingly touring the world at the moment I know that if we were located in the same place, she'd allow me to perform alongside her! If you've met DJ Bles-sed then you already know how she's one of the best human beings ever. Mix that with her skill, passion, and dedication to music and she's literally one of the best DJs you'll ever meet.

Deeclectic @deeclectic June 2021

I originally moved to PDC in hopes of learning how to DJ. Over two weeks I had 4 classes to learn the basics. DJ Bless-sed is such a great instructor. She broke down everything so simple it was super easy to get. She is super encouraging and had a ton of patience with me. I wanted to become a DJ because no one is playing the music I want to hear right now and Bless-sed gave me opportunities to play and share my music with the world. It’s been a little over 3 months and I am already living out my dreams as an international DJ! I was able to lock down on 2 residences and book a couple of gigs back in the states for the summer. I am forever grateful for her mentorship and look forward to continuing working with her in the future.

Chrissy T @thisischrissyt July 2023

1 Day Workshop

Introduction to DJing: The Foundation

Vinyl + Turntables (Technics 1200s) or Serato Software + Controller

Experience the excitement of our immersive workshop as we delve into the foundations of DJing. Whether you choose to explore Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Controller or the timeless combination of Technic 1200 turntables and mixer with vinyl, this workshop is perfect for beginners and those with some experience.

DJ Bles-sed will guide you through the essential skills of DJing, including beatmatching, mixing, blending, and creating seamless transitions. Get hands-on with the equipment and software, gaining practical experience that will elevate your DJing abilities.

Explore mixing different music genres and styles, allowing your creativity to flourish and finding your own unique expression. Connect and engage with like-minded participants in our supportive community, sharing insights and forging valuable connections.

By the end of this workshop, you’ll have the confidence and skills to curate and mix your own DJ sets, whether you’re DJing for fun or pursuing professional aspirations.

Join us for this exciting workshop and let the art of DJing ignite your passion and unlock your potential as a skilled DJ.

DJ Mentorship Program (Live-1-on-1 Online)

DJ Mentorship Program: The Art of DJing

Embark on a transformative journey as you master the Art of DJing in this comprehensive Mentorship Program. Led by DJ Bles-sed, this program goes beyond mere song selection, equipping you with the skills and knowledge to become a skilled and confident DJ.

Throughout the course, you will dive into the industry-standard Serato DJ Pro and Pioneer Controller or Technics 1200’s, a mixer and vinyl, gaining proficiency in its main features and functionalities. Discover the intricacies of musicality, technique, and song structure, understanding how to craft seamless and captivating DJ sets.

Explore the art of beat matching and mixing by ear, honing your abilities to create smooth transitions between tracks. Develop your creative programming skills across multiple genres, empowering you to curate dynamic and engaging sets that leave a lasting impact.

Gain valuable insights into the business and industry aspects of DJing, acquiring practical tips and knowledge to navigate the professional landscape successfully. Immerse yourself in the rich history of DJing and embrace the value of vinyl culture, connecting with the roots of this art form.

Throughout the course, you’ll receive lifelong mentorship and support from DJ Bles-sed, benefiting from her expertise and guidance. Put your skills to the test as you master and release your very first 60-minute set, recorded live.

Additionally, you’ll gain exclusive access to the RTT community group, fostering ongoing connections and providing a platform for growth and networking within the DJing industry.

Join us on this transformative journey, unlocking your full potential as a DJ and gaining the skills, knowledge, and mentorship needed to thrive in the world of DJing.

1-on-1 LIVE ONLINE Sessions (12 Weeks)


An introduction to industry standard Serato DJ Pro
Musicality, technique and song structure
Beat matching and mixing by ear
Creative programming within multiple genres
The business and industry tips
History of DJing and the value of vinyl culture
Lifetime of direct mentorship and support
Master and release your 1st 60-min set, LIVE recorded mix!
Lifetime mentorship by DJ Bles-sed
Lifetime access to the joining the RTT community group to stay connected and continue to grow and network
– The opportunity to qualify and join the Respect The Technique DJ Collective (added profile on our website and priority gigs, tours and exclusive access to events by MIC Inc.) and share your unique sound with the world!
– Exclusive invitation to attend Respect The Technique Retreats featuring guest mentors who will help you level up your skills and grow your network in the industry

BONUSES: DJ BUSINESS 101 (Included until Semptember 1st, 2023)

Promoting and Networking
Creating Exposures
Social Media & Branding Tips
How to book gigs and land your first residencies
How to produce your own event (contacting venues, negotiating deals, curating, brand partnering and collaborations, marketing and promotions)


1. You have always wanted to learn how to DJ whether as a hobby or professionally. You have no experience and would like to learn the foundation so you can DJ with confidence.

2. DJs who have invested in the equipment and maybe even have taken other video courses but are missing the connection to a mentor for real feedback in order to have the confidence to play out

3. You learned on your own and maybe have a few years experience but are missing the fundamentals or the foundation in order to execute a professional sounding set with proper transitions

4. You would like to learn the business of DJing and what it takes to become a consistently booked DJ in your town and internationally

5. You would like to connect with a community of DJs who are passionate about growing their DJ career


Respect the technique collective

The Respect The Technique workshops and Mentorship Program offer participants the chance to qualify and join the Respect The Technique DJ Collective. As a member, you’ll have a feature profile on our website, priority bookings for DJ opportunities and events worldwide, and the opportunity to connect with a community of like-minded female DJs. You’ll also receive exclusive invitations to retreats with guest mentors, allowing you to level up your skills and expand your network in the industry. It’s a fantastic opportunity for female DJs to promote their brand, grow their careers, and be part of a supportive community.